NBA 2K21 – Luka Doncic to Cover NBA 2K22?

NBA 2K21 – Luka Doncic to Cover NBA 2K22?

Fans all over the world have been eagerly awaiting any official news regarding the imminent release of the next NBA basketball game, NBA 2K22.

While no concrete reports have been made, rumours have started to circulate about the possible cover athlete to grace the new basketball game’s title – Dallas Mavericks’ top Point Guard, Luka Doncic!

As first images of Luka Doncic dunking below an NBA 2K22 title started to appear on another gaming website (has now been deleted), the tall Slovenian is certainly worthy of becoming the next basketball player to lead the front in this latest rendition of NBA 2K21’s successor.

A ‘Legends’ edition of NBA 2K22 is also speculated to be released as well, with more rumours pointing towards former professional German player, Dirk Nowitzki being the cover face for that one.

In NBA 2K21’s Season 8, dubbed ‘Trial of Champions’, the Level 40 Season Reward will redeem a Dark Matter Luka Doncic player card which boasts a spectacular 99 Overall Rating in the game.

Instead of waiting for NBA 2K22 to be released later throughout the year, better to enjoy what already exists in NBA 2K21 now, right?

Trial of Champions will be around until the middle of July 2021, so better get your in-game basketball shoes on before the Season runs out.

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