Which Harry Potter House is the smartest?

Which Harry Potter House is the smartest?

Do you have any guesses when it comes to being “smart”? Yes! You are right, as it is the Hogwarts House Ravenclaw! Why do we think that Ravenclaw is one of the smartest Hogwarts houses? Let us give you legitimate reasons to prove that it is the smartest Hogwarts house.

Ravenclaw has always been considered as the cleverest in the whole history of Hogwarts. Well, don’t you think it would be a disgrace if we overlooked that the house was created because of wittiness and the measure to the man’s greatest fulfillment? Ravenclaws already has brilliant witches in its house. Rowena Ravenclaw was the founder of this house and she was one of the most powerful and intelligent witches. She always wanted to spread her wisdom and foster the intellect of other intelligent witches and wizards among others. In this way, the house enhances its wisdom and cleverness among them. She loved making other witches and wizards smarter like her because it was her only goal. So, this quality of her says a lot about her.

One of the best students from Ravenclaw is Luna Lovegood. She has the whole heart of the Gryffindors as she was smart and a loyal companion to harry potter. She has extraordinary abilities that make her a unique person among her fellow students. Ravenclaws always breathe out of their box, and they are very poised. They are also very creative, always think out of the box, and are very outspoken too. Ravenclaws are aware

of how to utilize their wisdom in order to come up with amazing ideas and insights.

Do you remember Garrick Ollivander? One of the greatest wand-makers in the whole history as he is a true genius. He was one of the brilliant wizards, and he was a Ravenclaw too! I’m sure Rowena would have been proud and happy to know about him as he presents his remarkable intellect among others.

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