Hello Kitty Themed Party Favor Ideas for Kids

Hello Kitty Themed Party Favor Ideas for Kids


Are you in the process of planning a Hello Kitty themed party for your children? Have you already purchased all of your party supplies? If not, you may want to sneak a glimpse at a few of my themed gift ideas. Here they are:


Based on my experience, themed lollipops and bite-sized chocolates would make ideal party favours for kids. The only downside is that you’ll most likely need to make the candies yourself. Thankfully, there are a handful of companies that sell Hello Kitty candy moulds. Some of the candy moulds feature the character’s entire body. Other candy moulds just feature the character’s head. In general, each Hello Kitty candy mould is apt to cost you $4.

Sugar Cookies

If you don’t want to give the kids candy, you may think about handing out themed sugar cookies instead. Most major party supply shops sell Hello Kitty cookie cutters for $4 a set. The sets traditionally come with a full-body cookie cutter and one of Hello Kitty’s heads. One company that sells cookie cutters is Party City.


Hello, Kitty related crafts would make perfect party favours, especially since they can double as party activities. Some of the themed craft sets that I know of are also very inexpensive. On average, you may expect to pay $1 to $3 per craft kit. Craft kits to consider buying from major party supply stores include the Hello Kitty Magnet Painting Set and the Hello Kitty Paint by Numbers.

Cups and Straws

Would you instead invest in a practical party favour? If so, I’d suggest buying themed plastic cups and crazy straws. Both tend to retail for $1 each through assorted party supply retailers. One company that sells plastic cups and straws is Party America.

Lunch Boxes

Depending on your budget, you may also want to think about buying themed lunch boxes for your party guests. The lunch boxes that I am familiar with withstand 5.5 inches tall and are made of metal. A full-colour graphic of Hello Kitty graces the front of the boxes, and they typically retail for $4 each. In most instances, you can find them available for purchase at most party supply stores.

Stationery Supplies

Lastly, I’d suggest that you give some thought to giving your guests themed stationery supplies. Ideal items to slip into the kids’ goodie bags are Hello Kitty notebooks, pencils, markers, crayons and stickers. The products are readily available through department stores and party supply shops for modest fees. In many cases, each item is apt to cost you $2 or less.